Combining Zumba with Other Forms of Exercise

Whether you already follow a regular exercise routine and you would like to incorporate Zumba into it or you are a Zumba enthusiast who is wondering what other forms of exercise are safe to combine with this unique dance fitness program, you are sure to find more information in this article useful. In the section below, there are some suggestions on how to put together a comprehensive exercise schedule that includes Zumba or some other type of dancercise program and how to make sure you get the most out of it.

A Complec700x420-1te Exercise Program

Follow these tips to formulate a fitness plan with the potential to transform your body shape.

  • Strength Training – Many people, especially women, shy away from strength training believing that it will leave them with bulging biceps and rippling quadriceps. However, resistance training that follows a high-rep; low weight philosophy will help to tone your existing muscle without increasing mass significantly. If you really do not want to organize separate resistance training sessions, you can find Zumba instructors that use toning sticks (light weights) in their routines.
  • Rest Days – In order to benefit from resistance training and to ensure that you do not suffer from burn out as a result of your cardio sessions, you should have at least one full day of rest every week, possibly two. See how you feel and adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • Step Aerobics – You can literally combine step aerobics and Zumba into sessions known as Zumba Step. These sessions are great for people who want to work on their muscular strength and tone as well as their cardio fitness.

If you are planning to make big changes to your existing exercise regime, it is a good idea to make them gradually and to consult with a medical professional first.