How to Make Zumba Low-Impact

Zumba has taken the world by storm and if you are not part of it yet, then you are missing on a great opportunity to not only enjoy dancing, but also get fit and healthy.

zumbaThis dance and fitness style comes in two distinct flavors – high impact and low impact. For those who are just starting out with Zumba or if this is their first time exercising and dancing, low impact Zumba dancing is the perfect starting point for you.

In high impact Zumba classes, the music and the beat are fast and the dance moves are even faster. These results in more calorie burn and you will notice faster and better results. The dance movements are more difficult to follow because everything is happening so fast and it is more difficult to learn.

Low impact Zumba on the other hand is easier to follow as it involves slow dancing, the beat and music is also slow and the dance moves are restricted and easy. Low impact Zumba will impact your legs, arms, core and abdominal areas. It is called low impact however that doesn’t mean that it will not burn calories. It only means that the amount of calories burned will be lower, and that it is beginner friendly which means it is easy to get involved into.

One of the most common problems that most people face when beginning with Zumba is their inability to follow the instructor, and then losing interest in the whole thing. Low impact Zumba classes will ensure that your interest levels are maintained and that you continue with your classes on a regular basis.

This will help you maintain or even improve your health and fitness level and motivate you to work harder. The steps are short and the routine is also kept to a bare minimum.