Preparing for Your First Zumba Class

If you have already made the decision that you would like to try Zumba classes or another type of dance exercise program, you should take a few moments to prepare yourself for the adventures that lie ahead. Follow the tips below to give yourself classes-video-toningthe best chance at a smooth introduction into the world of dancercise.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothing – Spend half an hour going through your wardrobe to see what kind of clothes you have that might be suitable for a dance exercise class. The type of clothing that you wear should be light, loose fitting and overall, extremely comfortable. The last thing you need when embarking on a new exercise regime is the distraction of uncomfortable clothing.
  • Cross Training/Dance Shoes – The best type of footwear for Zumba and other dancercise programs is cross training or dance shoes. Failing that, a pair of well worn-in pumps will be fine to start with. Make sure there is not too much grip on the sole though, or you will find it difficult to twist and turn when following your Zumba instructor’s movements.
  • Buy a Small Sports Bag – It does not have to be a specially-designed sports bag, but you should find something sensible in which you can put a few bits and pieces for your dancercise classes. A small backpack, bowling bag, or messenger bag will be fine.
  • Items for Your Bag – In your bag, you should have a small towel, to wipe off any excess sweat during your sessions, maybe a spare pair of pants in case you really go for it, and plenty of clean, fresh water.

With a little preparation, you can look forward to your first class without any distractions and focus on learning all the new moves as soon as your lessons begin.