Your Personal Zumba Fashion!

So, you have decided that you want to get back in shape or try and maintain the shape you already have! You have also decided that the way you are going to do that is by joining and participating in your very first Zumba class.

zumba-danceThe first question many enthusiasts have when they hear about Zumba is what the hack is Zumba? Zumba is a Latin music flavored dance/exercise routine made famous by the three Alberto’s who decided to bring their new training regimen to the United States.

The routine was started basically when one of the Alberto’s realized that he had forgotten the music he normally used for his aerobics inspired work-out routine, and decided to use traditional Latin music to do the job. Lucky for him, he did because the Zumba craze has now swept the world.

The second question usually asked is what the heck to wear for a Zumba class? There are no hard and fast rules as to what to wear and there are certainly not any uniforms or anything regimented like that.

The best rule of thumb is to be sure to wear something that is comfortable and stretchable. A comfortable loose fitting top should be the first order of business, followed by a pair of work out or yoga type pants so that you can move freely with no impediment.

As for footwear, the best thing to wear is a pair of trainers or even dance shoes. You do not want to use running shoes as they tend to be a little “grippy” on the workout room floor and you really want to be able to get those feet moving during the Zumba routines and not be stuck to the floor.

Pack a small bag to take along with an extra top and a towel for the sweat, and you will need bottle of water. Not much else is needed other than the willingness to have a whole lot of fun.